Trump’s huge mistake: Taking credit for the recent stock market rise also means Trump will be blamed for the coming crash

As much as the left can’t stand him, there’s one thing that nobody can deny about President Trump: he’s notoriously consistent in taking credit for the good things that seem to be happening in the country under his watch. For better or for worse, Mr. Trump is quick to boast about less unemployment, for instance, or improvements in the stock market, which he attributes to his administration’s efforts since January 20. But the unfortunate reality is that, should the economy take a major downturn in the future, the President will consequently be blamed for that as well, regardless of whether or not he’s in any way responsible for it.

On numerous occasions, President Trump has made much of the stock market’s gains since November 8, including back in February when he attested before Congress that it had gained “almost $3 trillion in value” since his election win. Mr. Trump called this “a record,” suggesting that this never would have happened had Hillary Clinton – God forbid – become president instead of him. The President has also tweeted about these gains, citing massive consumer confidence stemming from his election win.

This is all well and good, and much of it is true – millions of Americans felt a renewed sense of hope after Donald Trump won the election. Many saw this unprecedented upset as the country dodging a serious bullet, and because Mr. Trump has remained consistent in keeping many of his promises to the American people, the economy is, indeed, booming. But what happens when the inevitable economic collapse that seems to have been set into motion long before Mr. Trump became president comes to fruition? Will he be blamed for that as well, even though he didn’t really have a hand in its occurrence?

America’s debt-based financial system has to collapse at some point: will it be under President Trump?

Many Natural News readers will recall that the alternative media in general has been warning about economic “doom” for many years. Investors like Peter Schiff, for instance, have been predicting widespread economic collapse for years, warning that the fractional reserve, fiat currency Ponzi scheme created by the private Federal Reserve banking scam has an unavoidable expiration date – meaning it can’t really be avoided.

Some suspect that 2017 is the year this will happen, which means that President Trump will likely be the scapegoat when the house of cards finally falls. Again, Mr. Trump will not actually be responsible for this collapse because it was engineered into the corrupt financial system many decades ago – he will simply be blamed for it. Many of the people who already hate the President because of the mainstream media’s manufactured campaign of hate against him will be easily herded into this mindset without a second thought, which could lead to widespread civil unrest.

Unless the Federal Reserve is completely abolished (along with its evil counterpart, the I.R.S.), and the system restored to gold-backed currency rather than debt-based Federal Reserve notes, there’s simply no avoiding an eventual collapse. It’s built into the system, after all, which means that it’s inescapable apart from major reform, which doesn’t appear, at least at the current time, to be a part of President Trump’s agenda.

“The globalists who hold the strings of power actually need someone to blame for the massive global debt catastrophe that they can’t hold back for much longer, warns Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, in a video report on how the globalist bankers plan to blame their engineered failure on the President. “And so, Donald Trump winning the election in the United States fits perfectly.”

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